China high quality Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor with Best Sales

Product Description

Features of Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor

1.High quality control(ISO 9001-2000)
2.Good performance and easy to operate 
3.Energy saving and easy maintenance 
5.Light weight zmwm02

Advantages of Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor

a) Value plate and spring strip: made of special steel from Sweden and after special treatment; high efficient and reliable.
b) Piston ring: special design; integral casting; excellent flexibility; lowest lubricating oil consumption.
c) Cylinder: made of boron cast iron; wear resistant; special suitable for dust condition.
d) Cylinder cover: extrusion process adopted; streamlined external appearance; good heat emission performance.
e) Crankshaft: made from ductile cast iron; rare magnesium alloy after heat treatment and surface quenching; excellent    performance.
f) Simple structure,light weight, easy to move.
g) Easy operating and maintenance.
h) Energy saving and loew cost.  

Parameter of Diesel Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor 


Model  W-2/5
Capacity (m3/min) 2
Exhaust pressure (Mpa) 0.5
Cylinder (Dia*Qty) 115*3
Diesel Engine S1110 Diesel (15 HorsePower)
Volume of gas storage tank (L) 140
Dimension (L*W*H) cm 165*81*105
Tyre 4
Weight (kg) 450


More Models of Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor

Model Power Capacity Pressure Dimension
W-1.35/5-D 11 1.35 0.5 1390*640*980
W-1.35/5 S1100 1.35 0.5 1390*640*980
W-1.8/5-J-D 11 1.8 0.5 1700*710*1000
W-1.8/5-J S1100 1.8 0.5 1700*710*1000
W-1.8/5-D 11 1.8 0.5 1700*710*1000
W-1.8/5 S1100 1.8 0.5 1700*710*1000
W-2/5-D 11 2 0.5 1700*810*1050
W-2/5 S1100 2 0.5 1700*810*1050
W-2.6/5-D 15 2.6 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-2.6/5 S1110 2.6 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-2.8/5-D 15 2.8 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-2.8/5 S1110 2.8 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-2.8/5-G-D 15 2.8 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-2.8/5-G S1115 2.8 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-2.8/5-G-DZ 15 2.8 0.5 1780*870*1235
W-3/5-D 18.5 3 0.5 1800*900*1300
W-3/5 S1115 3 0.5 1800*900*1300
2V-3.5/5-D 18.5 3.5 0.5 1800*950*1300
2V-3.5/5 S1125 3.5 0.5 1800*950*1300
2V-4/5-D 18.5 4 0.5 1800*950*1300
2V-4/5 S1125 4 0.5 1800*950*1300
W-1.8/7-D 11 1.8 0.7 1100*820*1100
W-1.8/7 S1100 1.8 0.7 1100*820*1100
W-2.6/7-D 15 2.6 0.7 1800*870*1235
W-2.6/7 S1115 2.6 0.7 1800*870*1235
W-3.2/7-D 18.5 3.2 0.7 1920*960*1350
W-3.2/7 S1125 0.7 0.7 1920*960*1350
W-2.5/3-D 11 2.5 0.3 1780*870*1235
W-2.5/3 S1110 2.5 0.3 1780*870*1235
VF-3/7 18.5 3 0.7 1720*1100*1110
VF-6/7 37 6 0.7 2100*1100*1110
VFY-6/7 37 6 0.7 2830*1500*1890
VF-7/7 40 7 0.7 2100*1100*1110
CVF7/7 YC4108 7 0.7 2760*1200*1460
CVF7/7 QC4110 7 0.7 2760*1200*1460
VFY-7/7 40 7 0.7 2830*1500*1890
CVFY-7/7 YC4108 7 0.7 2830*1300*1890
CVFY-7/7 QC4110 7 0.7 2830*1300*1890
VF-9/7 55 9 0.7 2460*1200*1220
VFY-9/7 55 9 0.7 2830*1500*1900
VF-10/7 65 10 0.7 2460*1200*1220
VFY-10/7 65 10 0.7 2830*1500*1900
CVF-10/7 YC4108ZG 10 0.7 3200*1350*1650
CVF-10/7 QC4112 10 0.7 3200*1350*1650
CVFY-10/7 YC4108ZG 10 0.7 3200*1550*2230
CVFY-10/7 QC4112 10 0.7 3200*1550*2230
VF-13/7 75 13 0.7 2460*1200*1220
VFY-13/7 75 13 0.7 2830*1500*1900
CVF-13/7 YC6108ZG 13 0.7 3300*1350*1470
CVF-13/7 CUMMINS 6BT5.9-C118 13 0.7 3300*1350*1470
CVF-13/7 QC6112 13 0.7 3350*1350*2100
CVFY-13/7 YC6108ZG 13 0.7 3500*1600*2640
CVFY-13/7 CUMMINS 6BT5.9-C118 13 0.7 3500*1600*2340
CVFY-13/7 QC6112 13 0.7 3570*1600*2640
2V-6/7 37 6 0.7 1750*1100*1200
2V-7/7 40 7 0.7 1750*1100*1200



Pictures of Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor

Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: AC Power
Cylinder Position: Angular
Structure Type: Closed Type
Installation Type: Movable Type


air compressor

What is the role of air compressors in power generation?

Air compressors play a significant role in power generation, supporting various operations and equipment within the industry. Here are some key roles of air compressors in power generation:

1. Combustion Air Supply:

Air compressors are used to supply compressed air for the combustion process in power generation. In fossil fuel power plants, such as coal-fired or natural gas power plants, compressed air is required to deliver a steady flow of air to the burners. The compressed air helps in the efficient combustion of fuel, enhancing the overall performance and energy output of the power plant.

2. Instrumentation and Control:

Air compressors are utilized for instrumentation and control systems in power generation facilities. Compressed air is used to operate pneumatic control valves, actuators, and other pneumatic devices that regulate the flow of steam, water, and gases within the power plant. The reliable and precise control provided by compressed air ensures efficient and safe operation of various processes and equipment.

3. Cooling and Ventilation:

In power generation, air compressors are involved in cooling and ventilation applications. Compressed air is used to drive air-operated cooling fans and blowers, providing adequate airflow for cooling critical components such as generators, transformers, and power electronics. The compressed air also assists in maintaining proper ventilation in control rooms, substations, and other enclosed spaces, helping to dissipate heat and ensure a comfortable working environment.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Air compressors are employed for cleaning and maintenance tasks in power generation facilities. Compressed air is utilized to blow away dust, dirt, and debris from equipment, machinery, and electrical panels. It helps in maintaining the cleanliness and optimal performance of various components, reducing the risk of equipment failure and improving overall reliability.

5. Pneumatic Tools and Equipment:

In power generation plants, air compressors provide the necessary compressed air for operating pneumatic tools and equipment. These tools include impact wrenches, pneumatic drills, grinders, and sandblasting equipment, which are utilized for installation, maintenance, and repair tasks. The high-pressure air generated by compressors enables efficient and reliable operation of these tools, enhancing productivity and reducing manual effort.

6. Nitrogen Generation:

Sometimes, air compressors are used in power generation for nitrogen generation. Compressed air is passed through a nitrogen generator system, which separates nitrogen from other components of air, producing a high-purity nitrogen gas stream. Nitrogen is commonly used in power plant applications, such as purging systems, blanketing in transformers, and generator cooling, due to its inert properties and low moisture content.

7. Start-up and Emergency Systems:

Air compressors are an integral part of start-up and emergency systems in power generation. Compressed air is utilized to power pneumatic starters for gas turbines, providing the initial rotation needed to start the turbine. In emergency situations, compressed air is also used to actuate emergency shutdown valves, safety systems, and fire suppression equipment, ensuring the safe operation and protection of the power plant.

Overall, air compressors contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of power generation facilities, supporting combustion processes, control systems, cooling, cleaning, and various other applications critical to the power generation industry.

air compressor

Can air compressors be used for medical and dental applications?

Yes, air compressors can be used for various medical and dental applications. Compressed air is a reliable and versatile utility in healthcare settings, providing power for numerous devices and procedures. Here are some common applications of air compressors in medical and dental fields:

1. Dental Tools:

Air compressors power a wide range of dental tools and equipment, such as dental handpieces, air syringes, air scalers, and air abrasion devices. These tools rely on compressed air to generate the necessary force and airflow for effective dental procedures.

2. Medical Devices:

Compressed air is used in various medical devices and equipment. For example, ventilators and anesthesia machines utilize compressed air to deliver oxygen and other gases to patients. Nebulizers, used for respiratory treatments, also rely on compressed air to convert liquid medications into a fine mist for inhalation.

3. Laboratory Applications:

Air compressors are used in medical and dental laboratories for various purposes. They power laboratory instruments, such as air-driven centrifuges and sample preparation equipment. Compressed air is also used for pneumatic controls and automation systems in lab equipment.

4. Surgical Tools:

In surgical settings, compressed air is employed to power specialized surgical tools. High-speed air-driven surgical drills, saws, and bone-cutting instruments are commonly used in orthopedic and maxillofacial procedures. Compressed air ensures precise control and efficiency during surgical interventions.

5. Sterilization and Autoclaves:

Compressed air is essential for operating sterilization equipment and autoclaves. Autoclaves use steam generated by compressed air to sterilize medical instruments, equipment, and supplies. The pressurized steam provides effective disinfection and ensures compliance with rigorous hygiene standards.

6. Dental Air Compressors:

Specialized dental air compressors are designed specifically for dental applications. These compressors have features such as moisture separators, filters, and noise reduction mechanisms to meet the specific requirements of dental practices.

7. Air Quality Standards:

In medical and dental applications, maintaining air quality is crucial. Compressed air used in healthcare settings must meet specific purity standards. This often requires the use of air treatment systems, such as filters, dryers, and condensate management, to ensure the removal of contaminants and moisture.

8. Compliance and Regulations:

Medical and dental facilities must comply with applicable regulations and guidelines regarding the use of compressed air. These regulations may include requirements for air quality, maintenance and testing procedures, and documentation of system performance.

It is important to note that medical and dental applications have specific requirements and standards. Therefore, it is essential to choose air compressors and associated equipment that meet the necessary specifications and comply with industry regulations.

air compressor

In which industries are air compressors widely used?

Air compressors find extensive usage across various industries due to their versatility and ability to generate compressed air. Here are some industries where air compressors are widely employed:

1. Manufacturing: Air compressors are essential in manufacturing processes for powering pneumatic tools and equipment. They are used for tasks such as operating assembly lines, powering robotic machinery, running paint sprayers, and driving pneumatic actuators.

2. Construction: Air compressors play a crucial role in the construction industry. They power pneumatic tools like jackhammers, nail guns, impact wrenches, and concrete breakers. Compressed air is also used for concrete spraying, sandblasting, and operating air-powered lifts and hoists.

3. Automotive: Air compressors are widely used in automotive manufacturing and repair. They power air tools used in auto body shops, tire inflation equipment, pneumatic lifts, and air-operated brake systems. Compressed air is also utilized in vehicle painting and drying processes.

4. Oil and Gas: The oil and gas industry extensively relies on air compressors for various applications. They are used for pneumatic drilling, powering pneumatic tools in refineries and petrochemical plants, operating pneumatic valves and actuators, and providing instrument air for control systems.

5. Food and Beverage: Air compressors are employed in the food and beverage industry for tasks such as packaging, bottling, and sealing. They power pneumatic conveying systems, control air pressure in food processing equipment, and provide clean compressed air for food handling and storage.

6. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare: Air compressors find application in pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare facilities. They are used for operating medical equipment, such as ventilators and dental tools. Compressed air is also utilized in pharmaceutical processes, including tablet coating, fluid bed drying, and aseptic packaging.

7. Aerospace: The aerospace industry relies on air compressors for various applications, including aircraft maintenance and assembly. They power pneumatic tools for aircraft repair, provide compressed air for cleaning and pressurizing systems, and support ground operations, such as tire inflation and aircraft de-icing.

8. Mining: Air compressors are extensively used in the mining industry. They power pneumatic tools for drilling, rock blasting, and excavation. Compressed air is also utilized for ventilation, conveying materials, and operating underground equipment.

9. Energy and Utilities: Air compressors play a vital role in the energy and utilities sector. They are used in power generation plants for pneumatic control systems, instrument air, and operating pneumatic valves. Compressed air is also employed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

These are just a few examples of the industries where air compressors are widely utilized. The versatility and reliability of air compressors make them indispensable in numerous applications across diverse sectors.

China high quality Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor   with Best SalesChina high quality Diesel Portable Air Compressor Mining Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor   with Best Sales
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