China Professional Solid Wood Garden Camping Furniture Wedding Party Dining Table Chair vacuum pump design

Product Description

Solid Wood Garden Camping Furniture Wedding Party Dining Tables Rustic Banquet Tables Chair




Product Description


108″ x 40″ Banquet Pine Wood Farm Table Natural, Folding Legs.

108″ x 40″ Banquet Pine Wood Farm Table Rustic, Folding Legs.

96″ x 12″ Pine Wood Farm Bench, Folding Legs.

40″ x 12″ Pine Wood Farm Bench, Folding Legs.

 Quick Overview:

* Table and Bench Top Made from Knotty Pine
* Rugged 4 x 4 Wood Table Legs
* Easy Set Up and Tear Down
* No Loose Parts or Tools Required
* 1/8″ Steel Corner Reinforced Brackets
* Bench (40″) Store Underneath Table (108″)
* Additional Colors Available CHINAMFG Request
* 1 Year Limited Warranty

PC resin chiavari chair passed ANSI/BIFMA Test & EN 12520-2571 test
Wood chiavari chair passed EN 12520-2571 Test 
PC resin napoleon chair passed EN 12520-2571 Test 
PC ghost chair passed EN 12520-2571 Test 
PC resin royal chair passed EN 12520-2571 test
PC resin CHINAMFG chair passed EN 12520-2571 test
Folding table passed EN 12521 test


OTHER PRODUCTS —– Plywood Folding Table  Product Description

Plywood Folding Table
Rectangle Folding Table Round Folding Table S Shape Folding Table
Size:96” x 18” x 30” ( or 243*45*76cm) Dia.72” x 30” (or Dia.183*76cm) O.Dia: 72″ +I.Dia.60”     H: 30″
Size:72” x 18” x 30” ( or 183*45*76cm) Dia.66” x 30” (or Dia.168*76cm) O.Dia: 60″ +I.Dia.48”     H: 30″
Size:60” x 18” x 30” ( or 152*45*76cm) Dia.60” x 30” (or Dia.152*76cm) O.Dia: 48″ +I.Dia.36”     H: 30″
Size:48” x 18” x 30” ( or 122*45*76cm) Dia.48” x 30” (or Dia.122*76cm)  
Size:96” x 30” x 30” ( or 243*76*76cm)    
Size:72” x 30” x 30” ( or 183*76*76cm)    
Size:60” x 30” x 30” ( or 152*76*76cm)    
Size:48” x 30” x 30” ( or 122*76*76cm)    
Cocktail Table Square Folding Table Half-Round Folding Table
Dia.30″ * H 30″ Size:72” x 72” (or 182*182*76cm) H.Dia.72” x 30” (or H.Dia.183*76cm)
Dia.30″ * H 42″ Size:60” x 60” (or 152*152*76cm) H.Dia.60” x 30” (or H.Dia.152*76cm)
Dia.36” * H 30″ Size:48” x 48” (or 122*122*76cm) H.Dia.48” x 30” (or H.Dia.122*76cm)
Dia.36” * H 42”    




*18mm exterior hardwood plywood top. 
*All edging is in elasticity PVC T-moulding Edge.
* 6 coats clear polyurethane varnish: 4 on top 2 on bottom.
*Table legs are wishbone style,made of steel 25×1.2mm or 25×1.5mm with powder coating.
*Two extra-with wood runners on underside for stacking and  protection.
*Flathead bolts and recessed locking nuts locking legs for safety.
*All metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to enhance paint adhesion.
*Metal parts are to be finished with a thermoform epoxy powder coating.


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Material: Wood
Style: Simple
Usage: Hotel, Dining Room, Outdoor, Garden
Folded: Unfolded
Customized: Customized
Condition: New


oudoor furniture

What should I consider when selecting covers for my garden furniture?

When selecting covers for your garden furniture, there are several factors to consider to ensure proper protection and longevity of your outdoor furniture. Here are some key considerations:

1. Size and Fit:

Choose covers that are specifically designed to fit your furniture pieces. Measure the dimensions of your furniture, including width, depth, and height, and select covers that match those measurements. A well-fitting cover will provide better protection and prevent damage from exposure to the elements.

2. Material and Durability:

Opt for covers made from durable and weather-resistant materials. Common options include polyester, vinyl, and specialized outdoor fabrics. These materials should be waterproof, UV-resistant, and able to withstand varying weather conditions. Look for covers with reinforced seams and strong fastening mechanisms for added durability.

3. Breathability:

Consider covers that offer breathability to prevent the buildup of moisture and condensation. Breathable covers allow air circulation, which helps prevent mold, mildew, and rust from forming on your furniture.

4. Easy Installation and Removal:

Choose covers that are easy to install and remove. Look for covers with elastic hems, drawstrings, or fastening straps that provide a secure and snug fit. Covers that are easy to put on and take off make it more convenient to protect and uncover your furniture as needed.

5. Ventilation and Airflow:

Ensure that the covers have vents or mesh panels to allow for proper airflow. Ventilation helps prevent the buildup of heat and moisture, which can lead to condensation and potential damage to your furniture.

6. Style and Aesthetics:

If aesthetics are important to you, consider covers that complement the overall look and style of your outdoor space. Some covers come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to choose options that blend well with your garden decor.

7. Storage and Portability:

Keep in mind the storage and portability of the covers when they are not in use. Look for covers that are easy to fold or roll up for compact storage. Additionally, consider covers that come with their own storage bags or cases for convenience.

8. Brand and Reviews:

Research and choose reputable brands known for producing high-quality covers. Read customer reviews and ratings to get insights into the performance and durability of the covers you are considering.

By considering these factors, you can select covers that provide effective protection for your garden furniture, keeping it safe from rain, sun, dirt, and other outdoor elements. Properly covering your furniture when not in use helps prolong its lifespan and reduces the need for extensive cleaning and maintenance.

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Are there any child-friendly garden furniture options for families with young children?

Yes, there are several child-friendly garden furniture options available that are suitable for families with young children. Here are some options to consider:

1. Plastic Furniture:

Plastic furniture is a popular choice for families with young children due to its durability, easy maintenance, and safety features. Look for furniture made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic materials that are free from sharp edges or corners. Plastic furniture is lightweight, making it easy for children to move around, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

2. Rounded Edges and Soft Cushions:

When selecting garden furniture, choose options with rounded edges and corners to minimize the risk of injuries. Look for furniture with soft cushions or padding that provide additional comfort and safety for children. Cushions should be made from durable, water-resistant materials that are easy to clean.

3. Picnic Tables or Benches:

Picnic tables or benches designed specifically for children can be a great addition to a family-friendly garden. These tables are usually smaller in size and feature child-sized seating, making them comfortable and accessible for young children. Look for picnic tables or benches made from sturdy materials such as wood or plastic.

4. Outdoor Playsets with Built-in Seating:

Consider incorporating outdoor playsets that include built-in seating areas. These playsets often have child-friendly designs, such as miniature picnic tables or benches, integrated into the play structure. This allows children to have their own space to sit and play while enjoying the outdoors.

5. Adjustable Furniture:

Opt for garden furniture with adjustable features that can grow with your children. Adjustable tables and chairs can be modified to accommodate different heights and ages, ensuring long-term usability and comfort for your family.

6. Safety Considerations:

When selecting child-friendly garden furniture, prioritize safety features. Ensure that the furniture is stable, sturdy, and designed with child safety in mind. Check for additional safety features such as non-slip feet or straps to prevent tipping or sliding. Avoid furniture with small parts or components that could pose a choking hazard.

7. Weather Resistance:

Choose garden furniture that is weather-resistant and can withstand outdoor conditions. Look for furniture made from materials such as treated wood, durable plastic, or weather-resistant metal. Consider using furniture covers to protect the furniture when not in use and prolong its lifespan.

8. Bright Colors and Fun Designs:

Children are often attracted to bright colors and fun designs. Look for garden furniture options that feature vibrant colors or playful patterns to create an engaging and visually appealing outdoor space for your children.

By considering these child-friendly options, you can create a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment for your family with young children. Remember to supervise children while they are using the furniture and teach them proper safety practices to ensure their well-being.

oudoor furniture

Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options for garden furniture?

Yes, there are several eco-friendly and sustainable options available for garden furniture. These options prioritize environmentally conscious materials, manufacturing processes, and durability. Here are some examples of eco-friendly and sustainable garden furniture:

1. Reclaimed Wood Furniture:

Furniture made from reclaimed wood is a sustainable choice. Reclaimed wood is salvaged from old buildings, barns, or other sources and repurposed into furniture. This helps reduce the demand for new timber and minimizes waste. Reclaimed wood furniture can have a unique, rustic appearance and is often treated for outdoor use.

2. FSC Certified Wood Furniture:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensures that the wood used in furniture comes from responsibly managed forests. FSC-certified wood is sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, promoting sustainable forestry practices. Look for garden furniture with FSC certification to support sustainable timber production.

3. Recycled Plastic Furniture:

Furniture made from recycled plastic is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or wood furniture. This type of furniture is made from post-consumer plastic waste, such as plastic bottles or packaging. Recycled plastic furniture is durable, resistant to weather conditions, and requires minimal maintenance.

4. Metal Furniture with Recycled Content:

Some metal garden furniture options incorporate recycled content. For example, aluminum furniture made from recycled aluminum reduces the need for mining new raw materials. Look for manufacturers that use recycled metal in their furniture designs to support recycling initiatives.

5. Bamboo Furniture:

Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource, making it an eco-friendly material for garden furniture. It is known for its strength, durability, and natural resistance to pests and weather conditions. Bamboo furniture is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and can be a sustainable choice for outdoor settings.

6. Natural Fiber Furniture:

Natural fibers such as rattan, seagrass, or wicker can be sustainable options for garden furniture. These materials are derived from plants and can be harvested without causing significant harm to the environment. Look for furniture made from sustainably sourced natural fibers and treated for outdoor use.

7. Upcycled or Vintage Furniture:

Consider upcycling or repurposing old furniture to create unique and sustainable garden pieces. By giving new life to pre-existing furniture, you can reduce waste and create personalized and environmentally friendly designs. Additionally, vintage or secondhand garden furniture can be a sustainable choice, as it extends the lifespan of existing pieces.

When selecting eco-friendly or sustainable garden furniture, look for certifications, labels, or information provided by the manufacturer that indicates their commitment to sustainability. Consider the durability, maintenance requirements, and end-of-life disposal options to make an informed choice for your outdoor space.

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