China factory 30mm Thickness HDPE Industrial Sheets for Outdoor Cabinetry / FurnitureAluminium Outdoor Setting

Product Description

30mm thickness HDPE Industrial Sheets For Outdoor Cabinetry / Furniture

Product Description

Hot Size

Model NO. ABA25 Breaking Enlongation >500%
Transport Package Pallet or Caronts Specification 2440X1220MM
Trademark Abosn Origin ZheJiang Province, China
HS Code 3925719090 Production Capacity 500000kgs/Year

Abosn is the leading company for HDPE Sheets in China, We can produce the HDPE Sheets as per customer demands, the color can be choosed based on your requirements, SIngle Color Sheet, Dual Color Sheet, Triple Color Sheet is both avalilble. 

For HDPE properties, we can also produce both normal HDPE sheet and anti-UV HDPE Sheet as per different customer demands. 
Textured Dual Color Sandwich PE Sheet, UHMWPE Sheet, LDPE Sheet, HDPE Sheet

The size of our normal HDPE Sheet can be as following: 
2440X1220mm, 2000X1000mm, 3050X1220mm, 3000X1300mm
Thickness can be varied from 6mm to 25mm

Our Advantages

1. Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to organic solvents
2. Excellent electrical insulation and static resistance
3, Can still maintain a certain touness even at low temperature
4. Extremely high impact strength
5. Low friction coefficient
6. Non-toxic
7. Low water absorption
8. Lower density than any other thermoplastic plastics (<1g/cm3)

Abosn HDPE sheets are ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY products because they are completely recyclable. As the environmental issue is so important, we are all responsible to protect the environment. We should be making efforts by chossing products that are recyclable.

Abosn’s Unique HDPE sheet characters below:

Surface Plain, Texture
UV Stabilized (1) The CHINAMFG HDPE sheets are being proeduced for the applications of both indoor and outdoor.
(2) They are all UV stabilized guaranteed for at least 8 years.
Durability (1) Unlike other materials, CHINAMFG HDPE sheets do not rot, splinter, chip,swell, and it is also termite resistant.
(2) It offers a much longer life span compare to other materials.
(3) Its properties do not change even it is being installed outdoor, or at anywhere under the harsh weather and condition.
(4) CHINAMFG HDPE sheets have very low water absorption rate that discourages moulds and fungus from growing.
Maintenance free
and Hassle free
(1) AbosnHDPE sheets are colored sheets and you can choose any color you like.
(2) It can also be easily cleaned by using a pressure washer and its non-stick surface makes graffiti difficult.
Cost Saving Taking into consideration of the advantages offered, working weith CHINAMFG HDPE sheets can definitely help in labour and material cost saving  It saves maintenance costs in long run too.
Standard Colors Red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, beige, black, green, white and any other colors according to customers’ requirements.

Single color HDPE sheet Application: 

1. Papermaking industry: Suction box board, scraper, molding plate, bearing, gear; 
2. Mining industry: Charging barrel, CHINAMFG and adhesive-resistant back CHINAMFG for warehouses; 
3. Chemical industry: Acid pump, filter plate, worm gear, bearing; 
4. Food industry: CHINAMFG machinery parts, bottle guide, screw, wear plate, slide way, stud weld, roller and other transmission parts; 
5. Textile industry: Buffer board; 
6. Food processing industry: Chopping block, refrigerating plant; 
7. Wharf: Anti-collision board. 

Dual color HDPE Sheet Application: 

1.  Abosn HDPE Sheets is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for signage, marine, playground and recreational applications. 
2.   Architectural Applications
3.   Carnival Games
4.   Children’s Furniture
5.   Marine Applications
6.   Museums
7.   Picnic Tables
8.   Point-of-Purchase Displays
9.   Signage and Wayfinding
10. Outdoor recreational facilities / sports venus / Carved signs
11. Indoor house furniture / Playground equipment
12. Decorative elements / phototype
Techanical Data of HDPE Sheet

Property ASTM Test Method Typical Values
English Units
Metric Units
Physical Properties
Density D1505 59.6 lbs/ft3 0.955 g/cc
Melt Index, Condition 190 0C / 2.16 kg D1238 ­ 0.25 g/10 min
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength @ Yield D638 4000 psi 27.6 MPa
Ultimate Elongation D638 > 600% > 600%
Tensile IMPact Strength D1822 70 ft­lbf/in2 147 KJ/m2
Notched Izod IMPact Strength D256 2.99 ft­lbf/in 159 J/m
Compressive Stress @Yield D695 1,500 psi 10.3 MPa
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion E831 7 X 10­5 in/in/oF 1.26 X 10­4 cm/cm/oC
Decomposition Temperature Union Carbide ~ 650 oF ~ 345 oC
Vicat Softening Temperature D1525 257 oF 125 oC
Heat Deflection Temperature @66 psi D648 171 oF 77 oC
Brittleness Temperature D746 < ­120 oF < ­84 oC
Glass Transition Temperature Union Carbide ­193 oF ­125 oC

Detailed Photos

Packaging & Shipping


Q:Is the size fixed?

A:No.we can meet your needs according to your acquirement. That is to say, we accept to customize.


Q: What is your MOQ of this item?

A: 500 kilograms.


Q: Is it all right to make customer’s own brand name?

A: That’s all right to engrave your own brand name.


Q: What is your company’s available production capacity?

A: Usually 9000 tonnes per year.


Q. Can you special order a product for me?

A. We are typically able to special order products for customers. OEM service .


After Sales Service

We are really the manufacture you are looking for!

1.We have professional sales with rich experience of working to handle each order.

2.We undertand your concern and aim to give the best service.

3.We provide quick responses and fast turn-around times


After-sales service – CHINAMFG Product Quality is Guaranteed

1.We have Strict QC and make sure every step of processing is for specification compliance.
2.We track our goods from transportation to your sales in local market to help your successful business.
3.Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 facility with over 20 years of manufacturing and fabricating experience.
  If you break a pad under normal conditions, CHINAMFG will replace it free of charge.




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After-sales Service: Available
Warranty: 5 Years
Material: PE
Kind: Engineering Plastic Sheet
Water Absorption: <0.01%
Contraction Percentage: 2.0%~5.0%
US$ 10/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

Are there retailers that offer discounts or promotions on aluminium outdoor settings?

When it comes to purchasing aluminium outdoor settings, there are retailers that offer discounts or promotions, providing opportunities to save money on your purchase. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Seasonal Sales:

– Many retailers, both online and in-store, offer seasonal sales on outdoor furniture, including aluminium outdoor settings. These sales often coincide with specific times of the year, such as the end of summer or the beginning of spring, when retailers may offer discounts to clear out inventory or make room for new collections. Seasonal sales can be a great opportunity to find discounted prices on aluminium outdoor settings. Keep an eye out for advertisements, newsletters, or social media updates from retailers to stay informed about upcoming sales and promotions.

2. Holiday Sales:

– Holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are often associated with significant discounts and promotions across various retail sectors, including outdoor furniture. Retailers may offer special deals, coupon codes, or limited-time sales during these holiday periods. It’s worth checking both local stores and online retailers for discounts on aluminium outdoor settings during holiday sales.

3. Clearance or Outlet Sections:

– Some retailers have clearance sections or outlets where they sell discounted or discontinued items. These sections may include aluminium outdoor settings that are priced lower than their original retail price. Checking these sections can be a way to find bargains on aluminium furniture. Keep in mind that the availability of specific items may vary, and clearance items may have limited quantities or slight imperfections, so it’s advisable to carefully inspect the furniture before purchasing.

4. Newsletter Subscriptions:

– Subscribing to newsletters or email lists of retailers that specialize in outdoor furniture can be a way to stay updated on any exclusive discounts or promotions they offer. Some retailers may provide special discounts or coupon codes to their subscribers, allowing you to save on your purchase of aluminium outdoor settings. Additionally, newsletters often provide information on upcoming sales or new product releases, helping you plan your purchase more strategically.

5. Price Comparison:

– Conducting price comparisons across different retailers can help you identify the best deals and promotions on aluminium outdoor settings. Check both local stores and online retailers to compare prices and take note of any ongoing promotions or discounts. By comparing prices, you can ensure that you are getting the most value for your money and potentially find retailers offering competitive prices or additional incentives.

It’s important to note that the availability of discounts and promotions may vary depending on the time of year, region, and specific retailers. It’s advisable to plan your purchase in advance, keep an eye out for sales and promotions, and be flexible with your timing to take advantage of potential savings on aluminium outdoor settings.

By exploring seasonal sales, holiday promotions, clearance sections, newsletter subscriptions, and conducting price comparisons, you can increase your chances of finding discounts or promotions on aluminium outdoor settings and make your purchase more cost-effective.

oudoor furniture

Are there folding or stackable options for easy storage of aluminium outdoor settings?

Yes, there are folding and stackable options available for aluminium outdoor settings, providing convenient and space-saving storage solutions. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Folding Aluminium Outdoor Settings:

– Folding aluminium outdoor settings are designed with hinges or collapsible mechanisms that allow them to be easily folded and compactly stored when not in use. These sets typically include folding chairs and tables, providing flexibility and convenience. Folding chairs often feature a hinged backrest or seat that can be folded flat against the frame, while folding tables may have legs that fold inward or a tabletop that can be folded in half. Folding aluminium outdoor settings are ideal for those who have limited storage space or frequently need to move or transport their furniture.

2. Stackable Aluminium Outdoor Settings:

– Stackable aluminium outdoor settings are designed to be vertically stacked on top of one another, reducing the amount of storage space required. Stackable chairs, for example, typically have a lightweight and compact design that allows them to be easily stacked without taking up much space. Some stackable sets may also include stackable tables, which feature legs or a base that can be nested together. Stackable aluminium outdoor settings are an excellent option for those who want to maximize their storage efficiency and easily store multiple pieces of furniture during the off-season or when not in use.

3. Combination Options:

– Many aluminium outdoor furniture sets offer a combination of folding and stackable features. For instance, a set may include folding chairs that can be stacked when folded, or stackable chairs that can be folded for even more compact storage. These combination options provide added versatility and convenience, allowing you to customize the storage arrangement based on your specific needs and available space.

When considering folding or stackable options for aluminium outdoor settings, it’s important to ensure that the furniture is designed and constructed with durability and stability in mind. Look for sets made from high-quality aluminium and sturdy mechanisms that can withstand frequent folding or stacking without compromising the integrity of the furniture.

Additionally, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper folding and stacking procedures to prevent any damage or accidents. Properly storing your folding or stackable aluminium outdoor settings during inclement weather or when not in use will help prolong their lifespan and keep them in optimal condition.

By choosing folding or stackable options for your aluminium outdoor settings, you can enjoy the convenience of easy storage while maximizing your outdoor space.

oudoor furniture

Can aluminium outdoor settings resist damage from different weather conditions?

Yes, aluminium outdoor settings are highly resistant to damage from different weather conditions. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Rain and Moisture:

– Aluminium is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture exposed to rain and moisture. Unlike materials like steel or iron that can rust when exposed to water, aluminium does not rust. It can withstand rain showers and high humidity without deteriorating or developing unsightly stains.

2. Sunlight and UV Exposure:

– Aluminium outdoor settings are also resistant to damage from sunlight and UV exposure. The material does not fade or discolor when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. This is particularly important for outdoor furniture that is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, as it ensures that the furniture maintains its original color and appearance over time.

3. Temperature Changes:

– Aluminium has excellent thermal stability, allowing it to withstand temperature changes without warping or cracking. Whether your outdoor setting is subjected to hot summers or freezing winters, aluminium furniture remains stable and retains its structural integrity. This resilience to temperature fluctuations makes it suitable for various climates and ensures that the furniture will not be damaged by extreme heat or cold.

4. Wind and Storms:

– Aluminium outdoor settings are generally designed to be sturdy and stable, capable of withstanding moderate wind conditions and storms. The lightweight nature of aluminium makes it less prone to being toppled or blown away by strong gusts of wind. Additionally, aluminium furniture is often designed with features like secure fittings or weighted bases to provide added stability during windy conditions.

5. Saltwater and Coastal Environments:

– Aluminium’s resistance to corrosion also makes it suitable for outdoor settings in coastal areas or environments with high saltwater exposure. Saltwater can be highly corrosive to many materials, but aluminium fares well in these conditions. It can withstand the salt-laden air and maintain its durability and appearance without succumbing to corrosion or degradation.

While aluminium outdoor settings are highly resistant to damage from different weather conditions, it’s important to note that regular cleaning and maintenance can further extend their lifespan. Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water helps remove dirt, debris, and any built-up residue, keeping the furniture looking its best. Applying a protective coating or wax can also provide an additional layer of defense against the elements.

In summary, aluminium outdoor settings are designed to resist damage from various weather conditions, including rain, moisture, sunlight, UV exposure, temperature changes, wind, and even saltwater in coastal areas. The inherent rust and corrosion resistance of aluminium make it a durable and reliable choice for outdoor furniture, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and maintain its appearance and structural integrity over time.

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