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Product Description


Certificate ISO9001/BIFMA
Describe 1)Back: PP+fiberglass
2)Seat: PP+fiberglass
3)Legs: 12mm CHINAMFG chrome metal
4)Linkable mats



[ About US ]
M&W is China’s leading office furniture manufacturer. The past 30 years witnessed our focuses on the ability to producing high quality office, Included product development, project design, manufacture, installation, services all in one. Now, M&W is not only a producer, but also a thinker. On the road exploring modern trend office, M&W dedicated to manufacture cozy office space. To be the world brand respected by customers, let office sub-health free. 

[Brand Story]

The company set CHINAMFG on June 9, 1990, and has been established for nearly 32 years. With its own mold development technology, invested in the research and development of China’s first office screen (968) in 1996. From then on, M&W started to work on office furniture and plastic hardware accessories.There are more challenges ahead and we will always do our best!

On June 9,1990,the factory opened, with2 employees, specializing in the production and processing of molds.
ln 1992,the factory was relocated, with 16employees, mainly engaged in moldprocessing and engraving.
ln 1993, the factory was relocated, and anumber of mold design and mold manufacturing personnel were recruited,and the number of employees increasedto more than 40.
ln 1996, with its own mold developmentand production technology advantages,the company invested funds to developthe first office screen, which is also thefirst office screen in China. Since then,M&W has emerged as a manufacturer ofoffice furniture and plastic hardware.
ln 2003, the number of employeesincreased to more than 500, and the company transformed into: specializing inthe production and sales of office furniture and accessories.
In 2004,the factory was relocated, thenumber of employees more than 600 people,the company put CHINAMFG a newbusiness philosophy: to become the bestoffice furniture supplier in China.ln August of the same year, the company’squality department was officially established.
ln 2005, the factory was relocated, and thequality department strictly followed upthe product quality, and achievedremarkable results.
ln 2007, it passed the certification ofZheJiang Province using internationalstandard products and environmentalmanagement system ISO14001.
ln 2013, we provided 600,000 sets ofworkstations to global sales, and in Marchof the same year, we won the Gold Medalfor Manufacturing CHINAMFG and theGold Medal for Booth Design at the 31st lnternational Furniture Fair.
ln 2015, it gradually expanded from thetraditional hardware manufacturing field(network communication cabinets,chassis, electronic power supply peripheral hardware accessories, autoparts development and production,development and production of varioushardware molds).Tax payment exceeded10 million.
ln 2016,the company introduced anumber of advanced machines, andpassed the measurement managementsystem certification, and won the title ofnational high-tech enterprise.
ln 2018, the company set up the project ofengineering technology research center,and we continue to move forward!

[ Our Service ]
1,Online troubleshooting
2,Provide space solutions
3,Effect drawing of product customization
4,Sample order

1,Report production progress during production scheduling
2,QC inspection procedure
3,Confirmation of trial assembly pictures
4,Packaging picture confirmation
5,Cabinet installation confirmation

1,Sales training
2,Product assembly
3,Effect drawing of product customization
4,Product replacement

Our factory has 8 main production workshops (extrusion workshop, oxidation workshop, aluminum spraying workshop, die-casting workshop, aluminum processing workshop, plate workshop, hardware workshop, screen workshop), with a total area of more than 80,000 square CHINAMFG , with more than 700 outstanding employees. Currently we provide about 8,000 square CHINAMFG of office workstations and partitions around the world every month. We strive to earn your trust by providing quality products at reasonable prices, and high reliability with fast delivery.

[ Space Design Solutions ]
Are you still worried about how to plan your office space? We have done relevant research and design for different functional areas. Here you can find inspiration.

1.  Employee Area
While design Employee Area, M&W will provide up to 5 different solutions to adapt the most flexible working methods, giving up the traditional office design plan, you could find the unique element of the most ideal space solution.

2.Learning spaces
While design learning spaces,M&W focus on pecuilarity, persue the most flexible usage, usedifferent combination to trigger initiative of people.Here you can find mutiple elements thatinspire your own solutions.

3.Chatting Zone
As designing Chatting Zone, we have consider how work environment effect chatting resolve.There are connections between people and furnitures, we provide up to 5 space solutions,clients can choose 1 base on their needs.

4.Manager Room
As designer designing Manager rooms, we consider the element of open are and individualtogether to allows individual work and teamworks work together, and client could find evenmore different types of system here.

[ Order process ]

1.Email Communication
2.Email Communication
3.Making Quotation
4.Making Quotation
5.Deposit (30%)
6.Production (25-30 Days)
7.Cargo Ready (QC Photo)
8.Balance Payment (70%)
9.Loading Container
10.Cargo Received
11.Installation Services
12.Close File

Q1:Are you manufacturer company?
A:Yes, We are manufacturer, located in HangZhou city, just half an hour away from GUAGNZHOU. Warmly welcome to M&W.
Q2:What’s the scale of your factory?
A:Our factory occupies a total area of 80000 square CHINAMFG with over 800 staff,including 10 professional salesperson and designers.

Q3.:What are your main products?
A:Including office partition, desking workstation,executive desk, conference table, adjustable desk, filing cabinet, coffee table and so on.

Q4: Can I choose the color?
A:Yes. We have kinds of colors for different materials such as fabric, melamine,aluminum
Q5:Can I change the size of product?
A:We have standard size for all products. But we can also make the different sizes to meet your exact requirements.
Q6: What’s your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A:The MOQ is 1*40 HQ and 10pcs / Color / Model, but you can mix different items to fulfill containers.

Q7: Can I buy some samples before the orders?
A:Yes,sample service available.
Q8: How long is the Production Lead Time?
A:15-25 days after receiving your 30% deposit.
Q9: What’s your payment term?
A:30% deposit in advance + 70% balance before loading the material, by T/T.
Q10: What kinds of special services you will provide to us?
A:We offer best CAD design, like your new office project. you are just responsible for sending me CAD dwg. I finish the rest for you.
Q11: Can you give warranty of your products?
A:Yes, our warranty is 3 years, we are proud of our quality and service ourselves.

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Style: Modern
Material: Plastic
Rotary: Fixed
Armrest: Without Armrest
Folded: Unfolded
Customized: Customized
US$ 26.29/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

How does the price of aluminium outdoor settings compare to other outdoor furniture materials?

The price of aluminium outdoor settings can vary depending on various factors, including the brand, design, size, and quality of the furniture. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the price of aluminium outdoor settings compares to other outdoor furniture materials:

1. Aluminium vs. Wood:

– In general, aluminium outdoor settings tend to be more affordable than outdoor furniture made from wood. Wood is often considered a premium material and can come with a higher price tag due to its natural beauty, durability, and craftsmanship. Aluminium, on the other hand, is a lightweight and relatively inexpensive material, which makes aluminium outdoor settings more budget-friendly in comparison.

2. Aluminium vs. Wicker/Rattan:

– Wicker or rattan outdoor furniture is typically priced in a similar range to aluminium outdoor settings. Both materials offer durability and weather resistance, making them suitable for outdoor use. However, the price can vary depending on the quality of the wicker or rattan weave and the design of the furniture. Synthetic wicker or rattan, which is often more affordable than natural materials, can be priced similarly to aluminium outdoor settings, while high-end natural wicker or rattan furniture can be more expensive.

3. Aluminium vs. Steel:

– Steel outdoor furniture is generally priced in a similar range to aluminium outdoor settings. Both materials offer strength and durability, although steel is typically heavier than aluminium. The price difference between aluminium and steel outdoor furniture may depend on the specific design, finish, and brand. Stainless steel or powder-coated steel furniture may have a higher price compared to standard aluminium options.

4. Aluminium vs. Plastic/Resin:

– Plastic or resin outdoor furniture is often the most budget-friendly option available. These materials are lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to weather conditions. As a result, they are generally less expensive than aluminium outdoor settings. However, it’s important to note that plastic or resin furniture may not offer the same level of durability and longevity as aluminium or other materials.

It’s important to consider that the price of outdoor furniture is influenced by various factors beyond just the material used. Factors such as the brand reputation, design complexity, additional features (e.g., cushions, umbrellas), and overall quality of construction can also impact the price. It’s advisable to compare prices from different retailers and consider the overall value, including the quality and longevity of the furniture, when making a purchasing decision.

Additionally, seasonal sales, discounts, and promotions can also affect the price of outdoor furniture. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these opportunities to potentially find aluminium outdoor settings or other materials at more affordable prices.

By considering your budget, desired features, and the overall value of the furniture, you can make an informed decision when comparing the price of aluminium outdoor settings to other outdoor furniture materials.

oudoor furniture

What types of finishes or coatings protect aluminium outdoor settings from corrosion?

Several types of finishes or coatings can effectively protect aluminium outdoor settings from corrosion. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Powder Coating:

– Powder coating is a popular and durable finish for aluminium outdoor settings. It involves applying dry powder pigments electrostatically to the aluminium surface, which is then cured in an oven. Powder coating provides a thick and even coating that creates a protective barrier against corrosion, UV rays, and other environmental elements. It is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, and it enhances the aesthetics and longevity of the furniture.

2. Anodizing:

– Anodizing is an electrochemical process that enhances the natural oxide layer on aluminium, making it thicker and more durable. This process creates a hard, corrosion-resistant surface that can withstand outdoor conditions. Anodized aluminium outdoor settings have improved resistance to corrosion, scratches, and fading. They also retain the metallic appearance of the aluminium, making it a popular choice for modern and contemporary designs.

3. Paint:

– Applying paint to aluminium outdoor settings can provide a protective barrier against corrosion. However, it’s important to use paint specifically formulated for outdoor use and suitable for metal surfaces. Look for paints that offer rust-inhibiting properties and are designed to withstand exposure to UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. Proper surface preparation and application techniques are essential to ensure a long-lasting and effective paint finish.

4. Clear Coatings:

– Clear coatings, such as clear lacquer or clear epoxy, can be applied to aluminium outdoor settings to protect the metal from corrosion while maintaining its natural appearance. These coatings form a transparent protective layer that seals the aluminium surface, preventing contact with moisture, salt, and other corrosive substances. Clear coatings are often used when the goal is to preserve the metallic look of the aluminium and enhance its durability.

5. Protective Waxes or Sealants:

– Applying a layer of protective wax or sealant can help protect aluminium outdoor settings from corrosion. These products create a barrier on the surface of the aluminium, preventing direct contact with moisture and other corrosive agents. Protective waxes or sealants should be specifically formulated for outdoor use and compatible with aluminium surfaces. Regular reapplication may be necessary to maintain the protective coating.

When choosing a finish or coating for aluminium outdoor settings, consider factors such as the specific environmental conditions, desired aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for the specific finish or coating you choose to ensure proper application and maximum effectiveness in protecting against corrosion.

By selecting the appropriate finish or coating and providing regular care and maintenance, you can significantly extend the lifespan and appearance of your aluminium outdoor settings.

oudoor furniture

Where can I find a durable and stylish aluminium outdoor setting for my patio?

When looking for a durable and stylish aluminium outdoor setting for your patio, there are several places where you can find a variety of options. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Furniture Stores:

– Visit local furniture stores that specialize in outdoor furniture or patio sets. These stores often carry a wide selection of aluminium outdoor settings in various styles and designs. You can physically see and test the furniture before making a purchase, which allows you to assess the durability and comfort of the pieces. Sales representatives in the stores can provide guidance and help you choose a setting that meets your specific requirements.

2. Home Improvement Stores:

– Home improvement stores, such as large retailers or warehouse stores, often have dedicated sections for outdoor furniture. They offer a range of options for aluminium outdoor settings suitable for patios. These stores may have competitive pricing and a variety of styles to choose from. You can explore different sets and compare their durability and style features.

3. Online Retailers:

– Online shopping platforms provide a convenient way to find a durable and stylish aluminium outdoor setting. Many reputable online furniture retailers have extensive catalogs that showcase a wide range of options. You can browse through different styles, sizes, and designs, and read customer reviews to assess the durability and quality of the furniture. Online shopping also allows you to compare prices and potentially find exclusive deals or promotions.

4. Specialty Outdoor Furniture Stores:

– Specialty outdoor furniture stores may focus specifically on patio or garden settings and offer a wide selection of durable and stylish aluminium outdoor settings. These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can provide expert advice on choosing the right set for your patio. They may carry high-quality brands and offer unique designs that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

5. Manufacturer Websites:

– Visiting the websites of aluminium outdoor furniture manufacturers can give you direct access to their product lines. Many manufacturers have online catalogs that showcase their range of outdoor settings. By browsing manufacturer websites, you can learn more about the materials used, construction techniques, and design options available. Some manufacturers may also provide a list of authorized retailers where you can find their products.

When searching for a durable and stylish aluminium outdoor setting, it’s important to consider factors such as the quality of materials used, the construction techniques employed, and the reputation of the manufacturer or retailer. Look for furniture made from high-quality aluminium that is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and resist rust and corrosion. Additionally, consider the style and design that matches your patio aesthetic and personal preferences.

In summary, you can find a durable and stylish aluminium outdoor setting for your patio at furniture stores, home improvement stores, online retailers, specialty outdoor furniture stores, and manufacturer websites. Take the time to research and compare different options, considering factors such as durability, style, pricing, and customer reviews. By exploring these avenues, you can find an aluminium outdoor setting that meets your requirements and enhances your patio space.

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